Training Provided by Some of Our Regularly Booked Talent!!

Learn to wrestle from some of the very wrestlers you have seen in our ring! Not only will you get to meet some of our top Talent, but they will teach you the ways of wrestling while upholding the standards that you have come to enjoy at our shows! Who knows, make it far enough and maybe you will find yourself in our ring at one of our shows.

Requirements for Training

Wrestling can be a dangerous sport. Medical clearance is necessary to even sign up. TheGCW operates at a high standard of not only trying to provide our fans with best shows they could imagine, but we do so by heavily promoting safety. Attendance is also very important. Once you sign up, you will be expected to not only attend our shows, but to volunteer and/or help to make sure we provide a great show for our fans.

Training Days!

As of now, training classes will be offered Mondays and Wednesdays from 6pm-8pm. These days are subject to change so stay in touch with your main instructor and/or TheGCW Staff


Nothing in life worth doing is free. That being said, our pricing per year for training is a total of $1200. This break down is $25 a week or $100/month for a year. If you flunk out, it is non refundable. If you excel and are able to be booked before a year is up, then you no longer need to continue payments. Each case will be different.

Everyone does not get a Trophy here, your spot must be earned.


Contact us

Phone: 228-586-8429