Celebrate your birthday with TheGCW and maybe your favorite Wrestler!!!

The Gulf Coast Wrestling is proud to announce that we are now booking birthday parties!!! Thats right wrestling fans we can host your birthday party right here at TheGCW Club House!!! Not only will you be able to have your party in such an awesome building, but given enough notice we should be able to book some of your favorite wreslters to come put on a private match, show you some easy moves and just generally hang out. Who knows, the birthday guest of honor may get a chance to go 1 on 1 in the ring with a wreslter in attendace..

Birthday Party Pricing starts at $400 for 2 hours and 2 Wresters. For a more customized experience give us a call at: 228-586-8429

Please note that wrestlers may have other jobs and obligations on the day of your party, that is why booking it earlier is better!

Video from one of the birthday parties!!!!